8U Berkshire Grand Prix at Bracknell Lawn Tennis Club

On Sunday 9th July Bracknell Lawn Tennis Club hosted the 8U Berkshire Grand Prix. The Club entered as part of 6 clubs in the county to help develop the events available for mini Red to try and encourage more entries for Berkshire county championships.

We had 28 players from various clubs, 9 from Bracknell. They played in round robin groups. Everyone loved the club and the ability to be able to view the children playing. We had around 90 people on site watching and playing.

At the end of the matches we had a presentation on court where all children received a medal with the Bracknell logo on it. It was a great atmosphere.

It was very rewarding occasion,¬† it’s great to see young players playing tennis matches on a badminton size court. Special thanks to Will, Elana, Jordon, Chris HT, Julia and Andy Wilson and one of our young leaders Sam for scoring whilst Trevor ran the time clock and managed the parents expectations and questions. Feedback was awesome so many lovely messages afterwards on how well run and organised the event was.