Covid-19 Update – 14/05/20

We are please to announce the club has re-opened although there are certain restrictions current in place including singles only play, no guests are currently permitted, no spectators. Full details has been emailed to members.

We are offering our members private individual coaching sessions, but no group coaching is possible at this time.

We are still accepting new membership enquires, please email:

Tennis activities to try at home

Well Covid-19 may have forced the temporary closure of the club, but for those missing their tennis we’re putting together some videos on Facebook of some activities you can try at home.

Check out our Facebook Page, Like and Share:

New LED Floodlighting

We have now replaced all our floodlights with modern energy efficient LED floodlighting. This marks an investment of approximately ¬£50k by the club but will offer a good return on investment. LED lighting offers huge benefits to the club and it’s members

  • Lower running costs
  • Better for the environment, reducing the clubs carbon footprint.
  • Reliable, less outages, lower maintenance, LED arrays expected to last 30 years.
  • Better quality lighting
    • Whiter light makes it easier to see the ball
    • Improved light distribution