Play & Compete

Ways to Play at Bracknell Lawn Tennis Club

There are many ways to play and compete at Bracknell Lawn Tennis Club. We offer a balanced tennis program including fun and competitive tennis to suit your level.

  • Club Sessions are suitable for a wide range of abilities and offer the starting point to playing tennis to new players who have had some initial coaching.
  • Private court bookings can be made by any players to organise their own game.
  • The Box Leagues are for singles play and again are suitable for a wide range of abilities, they’re a great way to improve your game as you work your way up the leagues.
  • Players are invited to play in the Club Teams by the match captains when they feel players have reached the required level. We have lots of teams. though and there’s plenty of opportunity to get involved. If your interested just ask one of the team captains.
  • We run a number of Tournaments throughout the year. They’re open to anyone that wants to give it a go. The Winter Handicap means that anyone has the chance of winning.